Spotify is an app on Alex's phone. Gene and Jailbreak venture through on streams of music. They use this to help them get to Dropbox.

In the film

Gene and Jailbreak enter through the app and see the songs (Cheerleader, The Magic Flute K. 620, and Whip/Nae Nae). They go to a wild boat ride while the song Whistle (While You Work It) plays. Later at high school, Alex says that he has to get his phone fixed at the appointment, while the song Bubble Butt plays. Back at the app, Jailbreak tells Gene that she had run away through Textopolis and hated being a princess. And insists that she needs to get to the cloud. Then, she and Gene hear the whale song from Alex's DVD. Jailbreak tells Gene that he can't be himself and then thinks he is pretty cool just the way he is. After a talk, Gene and Jailbreak get off the boat and travel to rescue Hi-5.

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