Smiler is the main antagonist from The Emoji Movie.

She is voiced by Maya Rudolph.


During her introduction, Smiler seemed to be polite, energetic, cheerful, and somewhat feminine. But, it was reaveled that this was all an act to hide her true colors.

In reality, Smiler is controlling, insane, power-hungry, and abusive. In other words, she is portrayed as a stereotypical evil ruler. She also always kept a smile on he face and thought that every emoji should ap have one emotion and one purpose.


During her debut, Smiler seemed to be a kind person. She revealed who is the supervisor of the cube since she was the original emoji.

But, after Gene messed up when Alex selected him, she declared Gene as a 'malfunction' and prepared to have her bots delete him, though he is saved by Hi-5. She sends more bots after him once she learned of his departure from Textopolis.

As Hi-Five and Jailbreak find the cloud arrive back to the texting center, they found Smiler attempting to delete Gene and his father. The two managed to shut off the bot and have it fall on top of her, cracking her teeth.

Her fate was later revealed mid credits, having been demoted to the 'loser lounge' for her crimes against the emojis.

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