Jailbreak is the tritagonist from The Emoji Movie. She is voiced by Anna Faris.


Jailbreak is a former princess emoji who escaped to the cloud, changing her identity to that of a hacker, and the love interest of Gene. She uses her watch to solve codes. Her previous name was Linda.


After Gene makes the wrong face and is sent out into the phone, Jailbreak joins in with Hi-5 and Gene on an epic "app venture" inside Alex's phone, to make Gene the right face. But when an evil emoji named Smiler takes over the phone, they must save their world before it is deleted forever.


Jailbreak used to be a princess emoji before she ran away from Textopolis to live her own life with a range of emotions. Her goal is to get past the firewall with the help of Gene, so that she can live in the cloud with no worries. 


  • She was originally to be voiced by Ilana Glazer.
  • It is currently unknown if she will still wear her beanie hat in future media.
  • It is unknown if what she is wearing is a dress or a skirt, as emojis have no bodies.
  • Jailbreak's real name is Linda, as shown near the end of the movie when her mother (presumably) calls her name, and she replies "Not now, Mom!"

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