Hi-5 is the deuteragonist from the The Emoji Movie. He is voiced by James Corden.


Hi-5 is hand emoji and he is the best friend of Gene. He has a British accent. He is an airheaded, narcissistic jerk who disgusts virtually everyone who comes into contact with him. He repeatedly ruins everything for everyone and is probably the reason Alex didn't send that e-mail to Addie McAlister, as the image of this dunderheaded fool could potentially ruin what could be a long and happy relationship. After all, the relationships you have in your first year of high school are the ones that last forever, right?

I mean, just look at this face.


He looks as if an elderly gentleman donated all his hair to balding orphans, got Botox to remove the wrinkles, and then tried to imitate a member of KISS. I mean, what is even up with that Band-Aid looking thing on his index finger. He uses his fingers as limbs, which looks extraordinarily painful, but then also uses them as fingers, which just looks stupid. I mean, pick a lane, movie. His expression is meant to be jovial and funny, but instead looks like he's lost all self-respect and is trying to put on a show of false bravado.

I suddenly don't care about this anymore.


After Gene makes the wrong face and gets sent out on the phone, Hi-5 joins in with Gene and Jailbreak to go on an epic "app-venture" inside Alex's phone, to make Gene the right face. But, when an evil emoji named Smiler takes over the world, they must save their world before its deleted forever.

Hi-5 is less helpful than Ronald Weasley throughout, and even takes them further away from their destination. All he does is introduce Emmet Gene and Wyldstyle Jailbreak, which just about ANYONE ELSE could have done


Hi-5 used to be one of Alex's favorite emojis. (key phrase: "used to") However, after Alex doesn't use him for a long period of time, he is banished to the Loser Lounge. Desperate to be a popular emoji again, his wish is for Jailbreak to hack him back to being famous.

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