Hi-5 is the deuteragonist from the The Emoji Movie. He is voiced by James Corden.


Hi-5 is a hand emoji and  is the best friend of Gene. He has a English accent. He wears a blue spotted bandage around his index finger.


After Gene makes the wrong face and gets sent out on the phone, Hi-5 joins in with Gene and Jailbreak to go on an epic "app-venture" inside Alex's phone, to make Gene the right face. But, when an evil emoji named Smiler takes over the world, they must save their world before its deleted forever.


Hi-5 used to be one of Alex's favorite emojis. However, after Alex doesn't use him for a long period of time, he is banished to the Loser Lounge. Desperate to be a popular emoji again, his wish is for Jailbreak to hack him back to being famous.

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